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Melka Capital Launches Investment Initiative in Tech and Real Estate Sectors

Scottsdale, AZ – 29/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Melka Capital, under the leadership of founder and CEO Danny Mikhail, is initiating a new investment strategy aimed at the technology and real estate sectors. This move is part of Melka Capital’s commitment to supporting development and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Danny Mikhail, CEO of Melka Capital (Photo credit: Melka Capital)

Drawing on his background, Mikhail has established a reputation for his focus on excellence and support for innovation. His contributions as former founder and CEO of the fintech company Prolific and his role in Zuza have laid the groundwork for this new strategy.

“This initiative represents a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and progress. By targeting the technology and real estate sectors, we aim to discover and nurture the next wave of groundbreaking ideas and build a legacy of positive impact on society, “ says Danny Mikhail, reflecting on the significance of Melka Capital’s new initiative. “Our goal is to create a platform where visionary entrepreneurs and businesses can thrive, transforming challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth.”

The company’s mission aims to connect cutting-edge technologies and sustainable development practices, creating investment opportunities to generate returns and provide societal benefits. Melka Capital’s approach will support startups and established companies that demonstrate potential for offering practical solutions to challenges. With a focus on technology, SaaS ventures, and responsible real estate practices, Melka Capital intends to play a role in the evolution of businesses and communities.

“We see ourselves as partners, dedicated to the sustained achievement of the companies we invest in, by offering strategic guidance and access to a network of industry leaders,” Mikhail states.

His experience and operational expertise are the cornerstone upon which Melka Capital is built. Specializing in successful investments and strategic exits within the fintech and real estate sectors, his insight and expertise from previous executive posts are the foundation that has shaped Melka Capital’s investment strategies and propelled the firm to its current stature.

The company’s initiative encourages innovation, supporting founders and companies aiming to lead transformations within their sectors. By concentrating on startups, software, fintech, and real estate projects, Melka Capital is committed to contributing to positive developments and growth.

For more information on Melka Capital and its initiative, visit its website at

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