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Blockchain Venture KONDOR Launches Web 3.0 Based Integrated Online and Offline Benefit System, KONIVERSE

Seoul, Korea – 29/02/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – blockchain venture KONDOR announced the launch of KONIVERSE, an integrated system for online and offline benefits based on Web 3.0, positioning itself as a global leader in the WEB3.0 sector, on February 28th.

KONDOR has garnered significant industry attention as a pioneer in driving innovation within the 4th industrial market. The company has provided a variety of blockchain solutions and services, leveraging its self-developed KONET Network mainnet and infrastructure, and has integrated cultural businesses, commerce, and payments.

In an effort to activate the ecosystem, KONDOR is set to introduce a new vision in the Web 3.0 industry with the KONIVERSE ecosystem. This ecosystem integrates solutions and worldviews from the multi-digital asset blockchain payment platform KONPAY, NFT marketplace KONMARKET, and the competitively priced online shopping mall KONSTORE.

As part of its strategy to expand and enhance its Web 3.0 based ecosystem, KONIVERSE focuses on significantly improving user convenience, enabling access to key functions and services across various domains. The goal of KONIVERSE is to facilitate continuous and easy access to necessary services for users, marking a significant step towards the full-scale expansion of the KON ecosystem.

KONIVERSE and the Innovative KONET Mainnet

KONIVERSE aims to extensively expand and develop the KONET Mainnet ecosystem, transitioning from a Proof of Authority (PoA) to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. This transition includes updates to the genesis block, activation of mechanisms like EIP-1559, network fee burning, reserve pool management, and the deployment of PoSDAO contracts. A detailed roadmap includes the release and commercialization of the improved UI/UX and additional features in KONPAY 2.0, expansion of KONIVERSE solution commercialization areas, and entry into the global market within the year.

Furthermore, the launch of KONIVERSE aims to strengthen the trading and payment environment for digital assets amidst the Web 3.0 ecosystem expansion. In response to the ongoing challenges of hacking and digital asset theft, KONIVERSE is designed to enhance the security of user information and digital assets by implementing strict security guidelines within its solutions.

Cha Se Yung, representative of KONDOR, emphasized the importance of forming an ecosystem based on safe systems and solutions that users can trust for stable revenue generation. He expressed confidence that KONIVERSE would synergize various contents such as tourism, exhibitions, sports, and performances with currently operated payment, commerce, and market services. Additionally, he announced that TourismPay is expected to launch by the third quarter of 2024.

Participation in KONET

Participation in the KONET ecosystem can be obtained through the △KONET Rewards provided later through the purchase of KONPAY Token, △pre-direct purchase at , and △KONIVERSE ecosystem participation activities, and KONPAY is actively trading on Bybit.

Media Contact

Brand: KONET

Name: Wyatt Lee, CMO



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